100ml SYCO E-Liquid 70vg / 30pg 100ml 0mg 3mg E-JUICE-BIG CLOUDS/ VAPE


100/ml 120ml E-Liquid Produced in the UK. Exquisite flavours.




SycoE-Liquidsyco e liquid

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Custom Made E Liquid Made For Cloud Chasers by Syco E-Liquids

The following E-Liquid is available in 0mg 70vg/30pg.
Nicotine shots can be added to your order. these comprise of 2 x 10ml TPD compliant Nicotine shots (18mg or 1.8%) each. If they are added to the 100ml bottle this will make the entire liquid 3mg or 0.3 %.
This is entirely compliant with TPD regulations as the 100ml E-Liquid has no nicotine. The bottle size is 120ml with a twist off cap revealing a dripper nozzle,, so there is enough room to add 2 x 10ml liquids.
Please use caution when adding the nicotine shots to the 100ml liquid.
We recommend using protective gloves and eye wear.
SYCO E-Liquids is a leading supplier of E-Cig refills in the UK, They also offer their products and services all over Europe. All of their E-Liquids use pharmaceutical grade ingredients sourced from the EU, this way our customers get the best quality, taste and experience when using the UK made E-liquids.


SYCO XTREME 100ml – Cherry Bomb Cherry , Aniseed and Menthol ( like red cherry tunes)


SYCO XTREME 100ml – Black Tunes (Blackcurrant , aniseed and Menthol)
SYCO XTREME 100ml – Blu vim  (Like the famous cordial Vimto)Grape Raspberry & Blackcurrant Sweet Mix


SYCO XTREME 100ml – Blackcurrant Breeze
SYCO XTREME 100ml – Jam Roly Poly
SYCO XTREME 100ml – Sticky Toffee Pudding
SYCO XTREME 100ml – Berry Lemonade
SYCO XTREME 100ml – Blueberry Kiwi
SYCO XTREME 100ml – Sweet Berries
SYCO XTREME 100ml – Rainbow Candy
SYCO XTREME 100ml – Bubble Burst
SYCO XTREME 100ml – Blue Raspberry
Simplicious 100ml – Watermelon
Simplicious 100ml – Hein Berg  (Heisenberg)
Simplicious 100ml – Apple


Blueberry Muffin — Bloeberries with a cake (vanilla ) creamy taste
Blue Slush- blueberry Slush – cool and tasty
Blue Vim – Like the classic cordial (dilute drink “Vimto”) 
Bubble Gum- A classic fruity bubble gum flavour
Cola Fizz – tastes just like a Classic Fizzy Cola drink
Custard donut – a plump sugar coated donut filled with a vanilla custard
Fruity Freeze – Sweet Fruit with a cool menthol freeze
Grape Fantasi- Like the old American classic Grape Soda
Lemon & Lime Twister – Lemon severely twisted with strong lime to delivery a tangy blast
Lemon Cookie – A doughy sweet mix of a subtly hinted lemon cookie- lots of cookie taste with an after taste of lemon (my personal everyday vape)
Lemon Sherbert- A sharp Lemon tangy spike.. feel the sensation on your lips!!!
Mango Fantasi- A blend of mango and with a cool soda hit just after (my weekend vape)- taste the Exotic
Menthol – A cool Menthol flavour 
Orange Fantasi – So much like the ever popular orange fizzy drink
Pinkerton – Mouth Watering Tangy Fruity Explosion
Strawberry & Kiwi – a succulent blend of Summer strawberries dashed with the unique flavour of kiwi
Strawberry milkshake – Creamy strawberry blended with milk and a hint of vanilla – even Mac D would be proud
Tobacco- a golden blend of classic tobacco
Vanilla Custard- A classic desert of a creamy vanilla so you can reminisce of school dinners.
New Flavours Added
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Cherry Bomb, SYCO XTREME Black Tunes, SYCO XTREME Cherry Bomb, SYCO XTREME BLU Vim, SYCO XTREME Blackcurrant Breeze, SYCO XTREME Jam Roly poly, SYCO XTREME Sticky Toffee pudding, SYCO XTREME Blueberry Kiwi, SYCO XTREME Berry Lemonade, SYCO XTREME Sweet Berries, SYCO XTREME Bubble Burst, SYCO XTREME Blue Raspberry, SYCO XTREME Rainbow Candy, Simplicious Apple, Simplicious Watermelon, Simplicious Hein Berg, Blueberry Muffin, Blue Slush, Bubble Gum, Candy Floss, Cola Fizz, Custard Donut, Fruity Freeze, Grape Fantasi, Lemon & Lime Twister, Lemon Cookie, Lemon Sherbert, Mango Fantasi, Menthol, Orange Fantasi, Pinkerton, Strawberry & Kiwi, Strawberry Milkshake, Tobacco, Vanilla Custard, BlackJack, Green Slush, Forest fruits, Summer Fruits, Butter Mint, Pastel Fruits, Cherry Cola, Polar Ice

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0 (0mg), 2 x 10ml Nicotine Shots (3mg)

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United Kingdom

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no nicotine


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